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Fireworks for All

Just in case there’s anyone who didn’t get to see big fireworks last night (some years I don’t quite make it to a fancy display, so I understand), I thought I’d whip up a quick post to share a few pics from Seattle’s Lake Union show. My friend Brook has a pretty killer view from her apartment, so I went ahead and invited myself over. 😉

(Also, I would like to say hello to all my new blog friends! The below pics pretty much express how I feel about having you as a part of my WordPress community.)



The sparkly ones are sorta my favorite…






And, the grand finale!IMG_4604

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!



  1. What an awesome and enchanting gift…thank you for sharing…I love fireworks and didn’t see any this year….your thoughtfulness is so appreciated…thanks for sharing 🙂

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