About P+C Recipes

You can find recipes anywhere, so what makes the recipes on Pine and Crave different?

Well, in a word, me! 🙂

By that, I mean that the recipes I choose to post, and the way that I write them up are really just representative of how I cook and how I eat. I always want things to be easy, I want them to taste amazing (and be good for you), and I want everything to look really pretty. So over the years I’ve managed to find a good balance of those things, and my hope is that you’ll see that in every recipe you find on my blog.

Beyond that, here are a few more things you can come to expect from a Pine and Crave recipe:

  • One or two servings each. I’m usually cooking for just myself, or myself and one other person, so I try to create recipes that are easy to make one or two servings of—i.e. they call for ingredients that are either available in small amounts, or that keep well, in order to avoid waste. You’ll also find recipes that yield four servings here and there. These will be great for a family, or to prep and freeze for later. (And hopefully, if you are cooking for a family, it’ll be easy to double-up on the two-serving recipes—I’ve always found adding much easier than dividing when it comes to recipe scaling.)
  • Healthy-ish meals, skewed towards the vegetarian and gluten-free side of things. Again, this is just how I eat. But, definitely don’t take “eating vegetarian” to mean “eating like a bird”—I’m pretty active, so I need my meals to be filling. (And just FYI, I’m no saint. I’ve been known to splurge, so it will happen here from time to time.)
  • Open-Face Veggie Sandwich with Dill Spread“Prep steps” and “cook and serve steps” in most sets of directions. This isn’t an absolute (e.g. there are no “cook and serve steps” for smoothie recipes), but you’ll see this in most recipes. I usually meal prep on Sunday nights to make my week easier, so the prep steps in each recipe are things you can do in advance, while the cook and serve steps can be executed the night of. If you’re making a recipe from start to finish at the same time, there shouldn’t be any hiccups…you’ll just start with the prep stuff, then play on through to the cook and serve.

So, that’s the scoop. Let’s have dessert now, shall we?




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