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5 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

You KNOW I couldn’t let this day go by without paying tribute to one of my favorite foods (yes, I consider it a food—a food group, actually) on the planet: I’m talking about coffee. And turns out I don’t need a reason to celebrate…this little round-up includes coffee-related recipes that I’ve created this year with no holiday in mind. Coffee in itself is celebration-worthy, I say. So, pick your poison below, and I hope there’s lots of buzz surrounding your day! M 1. Hemp Milk Latte 2. Pumpkin Spice Latte 3. Buzz-Worthy Vegan Espresso Shake 4. Vegan Espresso Mousse 5. Coffeemallows BONUS coffee-related recipe! Starbucks-Inspired Coffeemallows

Mini Apple Crumble Pies

Apple pie makes me…well, I think you can guess. (And the same goes for miniature-sized things!) It’s my favorite of ALL the pies and my go-to during the holidays—I am responsible for making it at Thanksgiving and Christmas in my family, while my dad makes almost literally everything else. (My sister, my mom, and I can usually be found giggling in the living room.) For this recipe, I wanted to create a version that would work at a pre-holiday, fall cocktail party—so I was thinking, tiny and fancy-looking. Enter: mini cheesecake tins! I love these because they are really easy to get the pies out of (there is a loose circle piece that sets inside each cup over a small hole in the bottom, so you can use your finger to push the little pies up), and the cylinder shape is quite classy. I’m also a big fan of the crumble top—I hope you are, too. Enjoy! M Mini Apple Crumble Pies Makes about 18-22 pies (using mini cheesecake tin) | Grain-Free, Gluten-Free Prep time: 45 min …

Marshmallow Monday: Starbucks-Inspired Coffemallows

A couple Marshmallow Mondays ago, I did a post about Coffeemallows—which are delicious—but, I didn’t stop there. I created some souped-up Coffeemallows for HelloGiggles inspired by the core Starbucks espresso drinks that were on the menu when I was a barista. It was a looooong time ago, you guys. Those were much simpler times. And much simpler menus. Below are some photos of the finished treats, and if you’d like to whip some up yourself, head over to HelloGiggles for the recipes. FYI, my favorites are the Caramel Macchiato Coffeemallows. Enjoy! M Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino White Chocolate Mocha, Mocha Valencia, Caramel Macchiato, and Mocha I used mini cheesecake tins to make these, but you can also just make them in a cake pan as usual, and do all these up in squares.